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This is an independently owned, operated, opined and written site. It is not presented as being knowledgeable about anything. Read at your own risk. Question everything and trust nothing. Verify everything, and consider it carefully before making up your mind. Seek knowledge. Learn from experimentation and observation.

This page is a work in progress. It is intended to give me a chance to experiment with web design, and so it will be changing and evolving as we learn together. I am coding it by hand using Notepad++ in windows 7 , and also VIM when I am in linux. I am using html lessons from Codeacademy. Next I will be converting it to HTML5, as I get farther along!.

I am working on uploading some other things that will probably bore you out of your skull…. Unless.....you happen to be a Geek...Then you might find it mildly interesting.

To Be Continued…..

Coming soon:

I’ll be adding some info on the practice network I use at home to test on, and it’s configuration and composition.

I also will be adding examples of code that I have written as I am studying programming and algorithmic problem solving… and..A Bunch of Other Stuff you probably shouldn’t waste your time Reading….such as...The abridged (heavily) version of my life..."Bio"...and..My Blog(s)...and also Archives and Info about Songs of Freedom and The Friday Reggaethon two streaming Reggae shows I used to do at WVSU Campus Radio…and anything else I can think of.

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ALL input is welcome, criticism is encouraged, disrespect to anyone will not be tolerated!